Hair Freedom

March 13, 2014By Laura DiamondUncategorized, Writing

As an artist who expresses myself through my hair, I identified strongly with the artistic hair practices of the different peoples of Africa, so I based my research on the culture of hair.

A Turning Point in the Shifting Concept of Culture

February 4, 2014By Laura DiamondUncategorized, Writing

My view of culture has changed in the past few years, primarily as a result of my continuing education. I would say that my own shifting view of culture is indicative of not only the nebulous definition of the concept of ‘culture,’ as described in Raymond Williams discussion, but of the changing nature of the cultural process itself.

My Occupy Story

January 1, 2012By Laura DiamondUncategorized, Writing

On November 30, 2011 I was arrested for failure to disperse from the park at City Hall in Los Angeles with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I used to stay out of politics, but a shift in consciousness made it impossible to continue ignoring the state of the planet and the need to reclaim our planet for the peoplet. This is my story.

The Future is Already Here

December 15, 2011By Laura DiamondUncategorized, Writing

In the wake of the eviction of the Occupy Los Angeles protestors from City Hall Park, there is much talk and a flurry of activity regarding what to do next. The obvious legislative issues are being addressed and actions are planned, but what of the Occupy community on which so many had come to depend for the two months it operated? As a resident of the Occupy Los Angeles community, I participated in the creation of what I had already come to believe, is the future of civilization.