¡Que Viva la Vida Imprevisible!

October 3, 2015By Laura DiamondProject Radical Inclusion, Uncategorized 2 Comments

To be honest, I was feeling quite discouraged about my Burn this year, my (14 year veteran) husband and I even considering GIVING UP OUR TICKETS AND NOT GOING. Having made Burning Man a school project I had a lot riding on it, and the growing ticket scarcity combined with the work of co-leading our camp this year had left me pretty exhausted and discouraged. Once again, however, Burning Man refused to be limited by my own perspective.

Dear Burning Man…

August 5, 2015By Laura DiamondProject Radical Inclusion, Uncategorized 3 Comments

This is not a festival, it’s a community. It’s my community. However, I have been wrestling with something I see as problematic that I think is vital to the well-being of our community, both on and off the playa, especially as it grows: the inadvertent exclusion of the economically disadvantaged from our Radically Inclusive city.