Project Radical Inclusion is dedicated to radically including more cultural diversity at Black Rock City. It was established as a camp-driven program in 2015 at Camp Que Viva by the late Laura Diamond who was dedicated to seeing more socioeconomic diversity at Burning Man.

One of Project Radical Inclusion’s primary goals is the development of a network of camps and burners working together to bring cultural inclusion to Burning Man and beyond. This involves securing tickets and matching up camps with individuals that are committed to Project Radical Inclusion, supported by a summit at Black Rock City each year. To be involved, stay tuned through the Project Radical Inclusion Facebook Group and the working network here via ‘Slack’.

To participate, interested camps and individuals submit an application answering the four questions posted below. Please post yours at the Facebook Group or on Slack.

For camps seeking burners or tickets for burners from underrepresented cultures:
1. How do you see your camp supporting a cultural experience at Burning Man that may be underrepresented?
2. What do you feel you will gain from including participants from underrepresented cultures that will enhance your camp’s culture?
3. How do you see your camp’s participation benefitting other camps that would like to be more radically inclusive of multicultural diversity.
4. How do you see other camps embracing underrepresented cultures benefitting the Burning Man experience?

For individuals from underrepresented cultures seeking camps:
1. How do you see yourself bringing a cultural experience to Burning Man that may be underrepresented?
2. What do you feel you will gain from going to Burning Man that will enhance your art?
3. How do you see your Burning Man experience benefitting others who represent a culture that may have higher barriers to access Burning Man than others.
4. How did you see someone you know that went to Burning Man benefit from going, especially from someone who had difficulty getting access to go.