PRIstickerI am excited to announce that the Burning Man Project has responded to our project proposal and granted three scholarship (gifted) tickets for our sponsorship project for 2015!

To learn more about this project and my journey with it, please see my last post, “Dear Burning Man…”

POC Camp
POC Camp

In January I partnered with Neil Takemoto from camp IAMU, Kristina Leath-Malin from POC Camp, and my camp, Que Viva!, in submitting a collaboration proposal to the Burning Man Project for creation of a formalized, workable sponsorship that could be adapted by any participating theme camp for “Gifting” the Burning Man experience to artists of low economic means and underrepresented populations, especially people of color. The proposal is a social experiment within our social experiment: What would happen if we Gift Burning Man to artists who can not possibly afford to attend, not only in the lives and communities of those receiving the gift, but also the affect on the Burning Man community?

Que Viva! Camp 2014
Oree Originol

The project involves a gifted ticket from Burning Man Project, and collaborating theme camps willing to help provide for participant’s needs while on playa, including cultural education, and opportunities to participate. This project is the outcome of two years work for myself, and collaboration with Neil all year, and we are excited that the BMorg is taking a chance on us. In addition to providing three tickets this year, one for each camp, there will be a meeting with members of the BMorg on playa to discuss the project going forward! Additionally, Burning Man founder and board member Crimson Rose (one of my personal heroes) has requested to meet with the participating artists on playa this year. Que Viva! Camp’s participating artist is Oree Originol, who joined us in 2013, and is bringing some of his powerful art depicting people killed unjustly by police.

In the words of founder Crimson Rose, “To give of oneself without any thought of return is the truest form of gifting.”

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