Do you see Burning Man as being more than just a playground for the privileged?

Would you like to help make it truly a more Radically Inclusive community?



Donate to Que Viva! Camp Burning Man 2015



Que Viva! Camp is a Burning Man camp of activists, artists, and allies celebrating diversity, justice and enlightenment through the power of interactive art and joyful action.

2015 will mark the third year that Que Viva! Camp returns to Black Rock City, raising awareness, igniting creativity, being passionate, championing inclusiveness and having fun! But, we need your help.

Art Projects: 

Migration is Beautiful project

Resident artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez will again bring her project “Migration is Beautiful” to Burning Man. Que Viva! Camp “gifts” to the people of Black Rock City the opportunity to make their own wearable Monarch butterfly wings. The design of the wings is based on Favianna’s creative vision, but each person paints them to make them uniquely their own. The Monarch butterfly, which migrates from Mexico through the United States into Canada, symbolizes the natural instinct and right of all living creatures to migrate. Butterfly Wings - 2014Favi’s design features a human face profiled in each wing as a way to humanize the concept of migration and change the way people view migrants. Last year, Que Viva gifted 400 wings to the Burning Man community.

While at the wing workshops, participants also wrote letters to the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children being held in detention centers on our borders.

Migration story video booth

Que Viva!’s video both allows visitors to record their own migration stories, whether transnational or just to Black Rock City, adding them to an archive and projecting them out onto the playa (ground) at night. Participants will receive laser-etched “BRC Permanent Residency Cards.”

This year’s art budget is $3700. For those wishing to make a material donation to Que Viva! camp, an itemized list of art supplies needed can be viewed in our art budget here.

Camp Infrastructure

BM2014-11In addition to our community art projects, Que Viva! Camp is in need of donations to augment our camp’s infrastructure in terms of shade. Without shade, the temperature inside a tent becomes unbearable at about 10 AM and stays that way until sundown. This year, we want to expand our shade so that all of our campers who are living in a tents for the week will have a place where they can rest while the sun is up.

Additionally, we are planning to rent a wheelchair accessible Porta-pottie to accommodate our elder and physically-challenged campers. In the spirit of Radical Inclusion, we will offer use of our facilities to any mobility-challenged residents.

The total infrastructure cost is $2300.

Material Donations

Going to Burning Man is financially easier for some of our members than it is for others. It is for that reason that any additional funds donated over and above our budget with go towards our campers who may need help with necessities like a bikes or tent. Donate a ticket to Que Viva!, we will Gift it to a deserving artist/activist/toiler who wouldn’t be able to attend on their own. What a gift that would be!

To donate to the Que Viva! camp Burning Man project fund: Click here for our GoFundMe page.

For material donations email details of what you would like to contribute or for comments or questions about this project.

“Donations to Que Viva! Camp are greatly appreciated, even more so because they are not tax deductible, and we know your only motivation for giving is that you support our mission. So, thank you!”

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