My Stickers

This year at Burning Man I will be giving a presentation about my senior project for World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, in our camp, Que Viva. Last year I approached Brooke Oliver, our main camp leader, with my concept for a scholarship type Theme Camp, and she loved it. Inspired by the recent increase in what is being called “Turn-key” camps, which are camps put together by producers for wealthy clients to simply land and play, while I do understand the need for that and can see that there are those who are ill prepared for the labor involved in coming to Burning Man, I feel that balance is needed. Those at the other end of the spectrum, those who even if given a free ticket would not have the resources to make the trek; they also need to be able to land and be taken care of with proper shelter, kitchen, and shower facilities, and are unable to provide it themselves for different reasons. It is also good for our community to acknowledge our privilege in being able to attend Burning Man, by gifting Burning Man to those who do not have the resources to attend. A Theme Camp dedicated to providing shelter for those who are unable to provide it for themselves.

This would be an opportunity for those looking for ways to participate in the community at Burning Man in a meaningful way with their monetary support to potentially make an impact in the life of an artist who does not have the material resources to make the trek into the desert on their own.  It also sends the message that we do not measure the worth of a person by their economic status; the “De-commmodification” of people. Give the Gift of Burning Man!

We will be serving breakfast burritos, bacon, fresh fruit, danish and coffee. I will use our time during build week to personally invite camp leaders and producers to breakfast and pass out my stickers, pictured above.

See you on the Playa!